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If Taobao will be defeated

challenger is likely to fight a lot

to fight a lot of Internet companies in China is undoubtedly

the most dazzling star

fight with buying patterns and countryside surrounding the city strategy

to fight the original single lot

China’s second-largest electricity supplier platform

electricity supplier industry leader in

the just concluded two-eleven

Taobao promotion when the current market value has more than Jingdong become

a lot of fight in 2020 released third-quarter earnings

to fight a lot of third quarter total revenue of 14.2 billion yuan

year on year increase 89% of

this staggering growth

rate, however a lot of fight in the great achievements of

hiding behind numerous shady content

more than once

to fight a lot of exposure as an

internet trading platform black production

of which the largest amount involved is at most

online gambling

in 20207 May

netizen named wang Kai

departure from Jiangsu

to Shanghai headquarters to discuss gambling money to fight a lot

from July 2019 to January 2020,

this six-month period

to participate in online gambling wang Kai lost a total of

more than 100 million

117 million in funding to go fight is a lot

of eighty percent of the total water

wang Kai went to fight a dozen times to discuss a lot of money for gambling

and also several times to fight a lot in the local police station to meet

a lot of fight in front of police staff told wang Kai face

this kind of thing should not alarm

their company and Shanghai is

responsible for the police to let him go back to Jiangsu reported

until now

wang Kai wang Kai penny gambling money nor

things to recover only the tip of the iceberg

according to wang Kai’s own description

of his own understanding as well as another 50 people

were fight through a lot of prepaid recharge bill payee to

fight online gambling platforms are a lot of platform business

dream or Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd.

is the operator of the subject to fight a lot of


based on the estimated

total of more than 1,000 over the past year in which more than 50 people Wan

average of more than 200 million

but that’s just people he knew wang

Kai, according to media reports

as of September 2020,

China’s public security organs cracked a total of more than 8,800

gambling cases involving up

from the identification of one trillion

yuan, most of which Internet gambling

transactions are carried out

in a lot of the fight today and we chat

a lot with why the fight will become

the Internet industry, money laundering black production tools

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shots according to a Alipay bill

gamblers to participate in online gambling provided

from August 2018 to January 2020

he was involved in gambling a total of 730,000 yuan of funds

are paid to fight a lot of money gamblers payee

Hangzhou branch Ping an Bank

will normally involved in gambling and customer communication

links to the top gambling sites give gamblers

gambling platform

provides a collection two dimensional code

gamblers can scan the two-dimensional code

through the payment of treasure or micro-channel payment

after the payment was successful

gambling sites will give the gamblers

gamblers can participate in gambling

division of the mystery hidden in the back yard of each payment

on the seemingly simple payment code Is the corresponding

sum to fight a lot of orders

you scan code in payment system that seems

to go on a lot of shopping

but gamblers do not need to fight a lot of open applications or

do not know a single page in which merchants

to buy something from

gamblers themselves not the real deal buyers

to accept gambling money to fight a lot of shops

in general are real

details page also has a shop

transaction flow has

been classified as household items according to the order number

Alipay payment capture micro-channel

such transactions

provide gamblers also have business numbers

However, payment of these gamblers are finding out

exactly what’s behind the numbers

is the same

deal to help fight a lot of

gambling even call customer service

customer service said that because the payer is

not the actual orders

and pay people to fight a lot of platform do not have permission to query

recharge fight off a lot of businesses can not see the information

displayed orders gamblers are false name

false telephone

with logistics information is false

then these gamblers help recharge shop

is how to

use it

in the entire electronic business platform internet in black closed-loop production


sub-core platform code’s code of farming these are the networks and 注册香港公司流程 other internet gambling black production of

what is what is the code

to run sub-supplier code farmers it

means to run sub initial evaluation of all types of hardware

but run sub has become a platform

to run sub-platforms are used time

Alipay payment and micro-letter code

in this way requires manually operated gambling group in the country

before docking produce all kinds of black chain trading platform high

long receivables code requirements

often abnormal

but since fight a lot out after

they discovered a really perfect way

first gambling group will first in run sub-platform publishing tasks


opening fake stores in the fight a lot on

collecting personal Alipay micro-channel payment code and other

code providers and code farmers in the run sub-platform on receiving the task

to accept a commission

shop after business tasks

require real-name authentication code

and then the shop

will be in service by the audit after a lot of

help to fight the decoration shop

shelves of goods

generally these products are mostly price of thousands of pieces

of clothing

allow gamblers to shoot

then the shop can participate in running

sub-divided into a run after

two exchange shops set up

to fight money gamblers one is

running sub shop owner to cash transfers to gambling agency

and the other is to run sub shop owner made every day in the AC group

the amount of water the day after the program handled

the money to advance to code business

owner can withdraw cash the day of

the final of gambling money flowing water and Loaning Duotuishaobu

the owner can get the water to run sub-commission of 1% of

the shop the next day can be registered trading

tonight scalping

can mention emerged the next day to

store water in general can do 5000

after a few days gambling syndicates will shop

one day increase the limit

of water can do 40,000 yuan

a night market every day is good

turnover can have a day of commission

600,000 It is 6000

yuan, a total of 1719 stores

if each store to complete the

5000-40000 according to statistics

in a run sub-platform

daily water so

the minimum gambling money one day that a platform handled are 8.6 million

can reach up to 68 million

general to fight a lot the shop will not only

run sub-network Some gambling network

will also provide funding for the owner of usury gambling platform will provide

shop gambling transactions Xianxiang gambling

platform in the water can be

positively identified after

gambling platform to lend to

borrow 10,000 yuan

a month there are more than 5,000

gaming platforms interest after acquiring these loans

are basically the owner of the money lent to those who bet on red eyes,

interest charged is often the principal amount of 1-2 times the

code is mainly agricultural collecting personal collection of two-dimensional code

they are mainly a part-time excuse to attract these accounts on the network

and two-dimensional codes are used by criminals to defraud dirty money into the

funds after the personal account of these part-time

criminals then received into account the development of

each person part-time transfer 10,000 yuan can get

150 ranging from 200 yuan to pay

according to 21CN poly complaint statistics

as of August 2020,

the site had handled their electricity supplier gambling-related complaints reported

over 4000 cases

in which more than 300 reported class gambling Jingdong

Taobao more than 200

up to fight a lot more than 3700

Jiangsu police say a network

Taobao and Jingdong reason difficult to use as a gambling syndicates

important reason is that buyers account for more stringent management of


phone number change

device management restrictions are very strict and

log in to fight a lot of registered

micro-channel main signal or micro-channel

phone number and cell phone number now has basically been managed

according to the real-name

buyers a lot of common sense that the fight itself should be true

but there is a loophole

buyer’s registered mobile phone number and

contact phone number can be a lot

different from the current fight is not his first party payment service

Alipay payment instruments are mainly micro-channel platform

and in fact very difficult to grasp the true identity of gamblers

payment based on IP and other information

go to fight a lot of the normal

statistical platform is taking orders for most of the micro-channel pay

gambling-related categories are trading more than 8 percent Alipay

in April this year

the police because of gambling transactions fight a lot of transactions recorded evidence

in gambling-related cases in Chongqing 90% of the orders

is the case Alipay payment

Lianyungang in

85% of the PayPal payment

Yeosu orders 84% Alipay

payment so most orders are to use Paypal because

Alipay business PayPal account

can be used for gambling platform accounts

to distribute funds

to fight a lot has been requested

to provide risk transaction information

to Alipay hope Alipay to provide two types of information the order of the first class

is not to gamblers

in the fight from

the second type of situation, but

a lot of treasure to pay to obtain funds from

outside the enterprise

network evoke the two-dimensional code Alipay customer information

can identify high probability trading

but gambling payments by comparing these two types of orders

Bao did not accede to that request

because the fight a lot of these accounts

are not required to fight a lot

so the relevant data on the platform can not provide

this answer is also worth pondering

over this issue is the content of the video

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